Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Cross Stitch Update

As I expected, I finished this little sheep during the week's cross stitching - I haven't stitched it into a little pillow or whatever yet, but I might wait until I finish them all to do that. Or not. Anyway, I haven't done it yet.

I started another one as well, and made some progress on that:

This one will say "hope" - you can see the finished sheep here. 

I've also been gathering supplies for the cross-stitch project I'll be taking to the US with me this summer - I really only want to take one (which doesn't mean I won't buy any more, of course) so it needs to be something reasonably sized, but not too complex as I might be stitching while on planes and certainly while chatting.  I'll show that to you at a later point, though...


Needled Mom said...

It looks lovely. The cross stitch is a great takealong project.

Marei said...

Thanks to your weekly inspiration and advice to keep some cross stitch "out and available" I have actually DONE SOME STITCHING!! Wonder of all wonders!