Thursday, July 04, 2013

Giveaway results

Only three people left comments before - I've emailed one, left a message another's blog and KMSC, if you are reading and would still like the little spring house, please email me with your address - I can't contact you because your email is set to no-reply.

Anyone interested in these patterns?  No one wanted them before, but I'm still happy to give them away if anyone wants them...

A little garden sampler - photo not great, but you can see it stitched up, here

This is actually a kit which was passed along to me from another person who also was given it as a gift. I kept it for a while, thinking I might get to it, but I have now decided I won't, so let me know if you want it. Although it's a kit, it's small and not heavy, so I don't mind posting it abroad.

This is a different lighthouse - just a pattern from a magazine; it's one page. It's quite sweet, but again, I'm not going to stitch it.

This one is a photocopy of a booklet I got from a friend of mine. I've finally decided that I'm not going to stitch anything from it, but it's got some cute stuff. 

And finally, another kit - it's for a bookmark, so again, it's small. But we have tons of bookmarks and I doubt I'll ever get to it. 

If you are interested in any of these, leave a comment and let me know which one(s) and I'll send them along.


Julierose said...

I love the lighrhouse kits; I live by the sea and my DH loves lighthouses, sooo I would love to stitch him one...hugs, Julierose

Lyndsey said...

Hi Kate, I would be interested in the lighthouse kit and pattern as they are just what I'm looking for.

sophie said...

It's probably to your credit, that I've been thinking about cross-stitch and, coincidentally, making a sampler. If no one else wants your lovely little garden sampler, I'd love to have it ... it could be the thing that gets me back into cross stitch.

anne bebbington said...

Kate - I'll happily take the Christmas hearts off your hands if no-one else wants it - I do very little cross stitch these days but some of the little projects in this look sweet and, for my limited attention span, doable - thanks Anne x

Caroline said...

I got my pkg in the mail yesterday. Thank you again!